Moiz Master, M.D.

Internal Medicine Physician, MasterCare Medical Clinic
Piedmont Clinic Member
& Clinical Quality
Sub-Committee Member
JASPER, georgia

Enhancing coordinated care

Dr. Moiz Master joined Piedmont Clinic in 2007 and is leading the patient-centered medical home initiative at one of the practices sponsored by the Clinic.

When asked how the medical home is different from a patient’s typical care experience, Dr. Master said, “Rather than concentrating on one aspect of care, we treat the person as a whole and take responsibility for all of their care including regular well care visits. I am the main physician for these patients, and my office coordinates care with other physicians and hospitals, provides care outside of the doctor’s office – via internet, home visits and phone calls – and provides patients with nutritional and exercise programs as needed, and more. The goal is to keep people healthy and prevent them from getting sick, rather than treating specific symptoms or conditions after something has already happened.”

Dr. Master’s work with Piedmont Clinic helps him feel that he is helping impact the care of more patients than he could do on his own.

“It is impossible to do population health by yourself. As a member of the Clinic, we’re impacting the whole population of patients across five hospitals. I couldn’t do that on my own with my 3,000 patients,” he said. “It makes one feel like we are really achieving something significant when those quality indicators move in a positive direction.”

While Piedmont Clinic physicians and staff are the core of the quality care provided, technology helps to facilitate that care. “We could not do population health or medical homes without technology,” he continued. “That’s the only way we can connect these disparate practices and pull data together and track patient information across multiple offices.”

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