Reliable Safety: The Power of One is the Power of Many

Reliable Safety

Every day, Piedmont Clinic physicians are difference makers for patients across Georgia.

Interventional radiologist Fawzi Mohammad, M.D., was one clinician who dramatically improved a patient’s experience by asking, “What can we do to meet your needs?”

Sandra Pruett is a 71-year-old lung cancer survivor who has routine scans as a preventative measure. In the summer of 2016, a cyst was discovered on Sandra’s kidney. While it was nothing to be alarmed about at the time, another scan was done several months later and the cyst was still there. At that point, Sandra’s oncologist gave her two options – wait it out or have it removed. “I wanted to have it taken off immediately,” Sandra explained. “I didn’t want to have anything on me that could turn into something unhealthy.”

Oncologist Trevor Feinstein, M.D., shared with Sandra that she could have the kidney removed or have a new procedure done through interventional radiology that is more affordable and minimally invasive. She chose the new procedure, a biopsy (tissue sample removal) and ablation (burning), and was referred to Dr. Mohammad.

Sandra’s daughter, Evelyn Vaughn, a quality specialist for the Piedmont Clinic, accompanied Sandra to her first appointment with Dr. Mohammad. “When we initially met with Dr. Mohammad, he shared that he would go in and biopsy the cyst, and then bring my mom back in a week to have it removed if it was cancerous,” Evelyn said. “That’s when my mom became concerned.”

Dr. Mohammad could sense Sandra’s concern. “He stopped, sat down, looked into this woman’s eyes, saw the fear, and wanted to understand what he could do to make it better for her,” Evelyn described.

Instead of performing the biopsy and ablation at different times, Dr. Mohammad completed both during one procedure. “I felt understood and valued,” Sandra shared. “He knew I only wanted to do this once and he made that possible for me.”

Sandra’s procedure was successful and her recovery was quick and painless. Evelyn credits the collaboration between Piedmont Clinic physicians for her mom’s positive outcome.

“It proves to me that as we stand together in a clinically integrated network, the physicians communicate in the best interest of the patient and it’s always the first priority in their minds,” Evelyn commented. “They all worked together in the best interest of my mom. I know in my heart that all of our patients receive this level of care.”

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