Raymond A. Rubin, M.D.


Providing quality care close to home

Dr. Rubin originally joined Piedmont Clinic in 1996 as a private practice physician specializing in liver diseases, transplantation and gastroenterology. In 2004, he was the founding medical director for Piedmont Healthcare’s liver transplant program. Dr. Rubin practiced here until 2011, when he ventured to Boston to serve as medical director for a company developing an oral first-generation direct antiviral agent for hepatitis C.

Dr. Rubin returned to Piedmont in March 2014 to become Chief Scientific Officer for the Transplant Institute.

“The biggest highlight has been reconnecting with old patients and colleagues,” he said. “Things have come full circle. My patient — the very first one to receive a liver transplant at Piedmont — was one of the first patients I saw in the office shortly after coming back in March.”

It’s that personal touch that many patients experience and appreciate about Piedmont physicians, including Dr. Rubin.

“From day one, I knew he was a doctor who cared about me, not just my disease,” said Pamela Emerson, who was diagnosed with hepatitis C more than 17 years ago. “It was tough for me when he went to Boston. When he came back, he called me and we talked forever. I don’t know a lot of doctors who would do that. It’s a relationship I’ve never had with any doctor. He’s brilliant.”

In his second act at Piedmont, Dr. Rubin’s focus is tapping into clinical research opportunities, practicing as a general and transplant hepatologist and building the nationally recognized liver transplant program.

“We don’t want Georgians leaving the state when we can provide high-quality care right here,” he said, noting that Piedmont ranks in the top 15 percent nationwide for the number of liver and kidney transplant procedures performed as well as for patient survival rates.

Patients like Pamela appreciate this high-quality, coordinated care that is available close to home. “All of my doctors are Piedmont doctors and I love Piedmont because of the services it provides. My primary care physician and Dr. Rubin have access to all of my lab results and everyone interacts with each other. It’s about the whole person, not just my liver. And, I have access to all of that information, too,” Pamela said.

“With the click of a button, I can see my lab trends over time. That’s really helpful for someone like me who wants to know all the answers.” Pamela is excited about the road ahead, including a new treatment that Dr. Rubin has recommended, which could eliminate her hepatitis C and change her life.

“This disease has become part of my life. If I nick my finger while making a casserole, I’ll throw the whole thing out – all out of fear that my blood could hurt someone else,” explained Pamela. “If I’m able to live without that fear, it will be wonderful.”

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