Physician Info

Physician Info

How to Join – For Prospective Physician Members

The Piedmont Clinic is a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) that strives to deliver premium value to the communities it serves.

The Piedmont Clinic is governed by a physician-led Board of Directors, comprised mostly of practicing physicians. The Clinic also offers leadership opportunities for members through an expansive Board committee structure that drives critical activities. These committees lead the Piedmont Clinic deeper and faster into the standardization of evidenced-based care pathways and increased accountability for the Performance Improvement Program (PIP), which measures essential aspects of patient care.

What are the requirements to become a physician member of the Piedmont Clinic?

A candidate must be board-certified, licensed to practice in the state of Georgia in his/her specialty, hold privileges at a Piedmont facility or at a Piedmont affiliate, and have a practice primarily focused at a Piedmont facility or a Piedmont affiliate facility. Additionally, a candidate must fulfill the credentialing requirements.


What does the Clinic expect from its physician members?

Members are expected to pay annual dues, participate in the Clinic’s quality improvement program/initiatives, adhere to clinical integration requirements, and adhere to the Clinic’s Physician Participation Agreement terms. Members are also expected to follow Clinic communications, which will highlight key changes related to membership, the quality program and terms.

Why is clinical integration a strategy about which physicians should care and engage?

A successful clinical integration program provides physicians and hospitals with a platform to achieve remarkable improvements across the continuum of care, using advanced technology and collaborative strategy to pursue excellence in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings. It provides necessary support for physicians and hospitals to be successful in a rapidly changing, value-based market. The Piedmont Clinic’s culture of clinical excellence, superior service, reliable safety and cost-effectiveness enables us to make significant contributions to the quality of care in our community.

I am a physician interested in joining The Piedmont Clinic. Where do I get more information?

Please email for more information.

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