Piedmont Clinic Board of Directors

Piedmont Clinic Board of Directors consists of a diverse spectrum of experience and responsibility. The Board is made up of physician representatives, Clinic executive leadership and executive leaders from Piedmont Healthcare.

The members of the Board rotate on an annual basis and physician members are nominated by their peers. The Board members for fiscal year 2014-2015 include:

Annette Bernard, M.D.,


Raul Blanco, M.D.,

Proceduralist POD 2

Kevin Brown,

CEO for Piedmont Healthcare

Booker Dalton, M.D.,

Proceduralist POD 4

Shannon Glover,

VP of Managed Care

Bradford Harper, M.D.,


Richard Hengel, M.D.,


Greg Hurst,

COO for Piedmont Healthcare

Kimberly Kleiss, M.D.,

Proceduralist POD 3

Steve Lenhard, M.D.,


Christopher Lloyd,

President for Piedmont Clinic

Elliot Levine, M.D.,

Proceduralist POD 5

Michael McAnder,

CFO for Piedmont Healthcare

Archie Roberts, M.D.,

Board Chair

Jeffrey Shapiro, M.D.,

Proceduralist POD 1

Sean Sue, M.D.,


Piedmont Clinic Senior Leadership

Christopher Lloyd,

President for Piedmont Clinic

Karen Duffard,

VP of Operations for Piedmont Clinic

Katie Lund,

Executive Director of Value-based Care


To effectively innovate, Piedmont Clinic formed committees tasked with specific responsibilities related to high-priority areas of its strategic plan. Each committee advises the Board of Directors on topics specific to their areas of focus.

Clinical Informatics Committee: This committee focuses on ensuring reliable and timely clinical information is available to Clinic members. The goal of the committee is to enhance care delivery through the availability of key clinical information in support of real-time decision-making.

Clinical Review Councils: The Councils are part of the Quality Sub-Committee and are responsible for communicating and implementing quality programs of Piedmont Clinic at Piedmont hospitals. Each hospital pool has a review council whose job is to communicate and implement the quality program of Piedmont Clinic.

Clinical Practice Committee: This committee is responsible for driving clinical standardization of evidence-based medicine across the organization.

Quality Committee: This committee oversees Piedmont Clinic’s quality program, which is founded on six principles:

  1. Continuous improvement
  2. Patient-centered care
  3. Clinical integration
  4. Measurement
  5. Prevention
  6. Adoption of evidence-based practice

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